Christmas for All

For the past 20 years Gobble Gobble Give has been ableto feed the homeless not only in California but across the country. Naturally with growth and trememdous success, opportunities follow.

Skid Row Christmas has been the second phase of Gobble Gobble Gives focus to continually support the community in the city of Los Angeles. Now in our 5th year of operation we are excited to present our first benefit Concert. With thanks to our partners and sponsors we look forward to having you join us on Friday December 22nd.

In familiar fashion, we encourage you to bring gifts for the homeless which could include:

  • blankets
  • sweaters
  • hoodies
  • pillows
  • scarfs
  • socks
  • tents
  • sleeping bags
  • toys

All of which will be delivered to our neighbors within the skid row areas of Los Angeles.